A combination of sunshine and warm water on the opening day of the season at Portishead Open Air Pool created perfect conditions for the West of England MS Therapy Centre marathon swim .  Sixteen determined swimmers clocked up 1258 lengths between them, the equivalent distance to the London Marathon also taking place that weekend.   Organiser Jenny Barstow said “We had a great time and a very successful day.  Thanks to our amazing swimmers and the support of the Pool, we have so far raised over £2000 to help the work of the Therapy Centre. “ (see separate press release)

Plenty of other people  were also enjoying  their first swim of the season .The previous evening’s ITV weather forecast which was broadcast live from the pool brought in one family from Gloucestershire who were delighted to discover the lido was the first heated open air pool in the area to open  for the season.    Hopefully, they will be first of many visitors to discover the delights of sunbathing and swimming in the open air in this wonderful location.    Among other events planned for the summer is a major fundraising event ‘The Longest Swim on the Longest Day’ taking place appropriately on Friday 21 June.

Following the success of last year’s Mini Olympics we are preparing for another Inter Schools Gala at the pool on Wednesday 26 June, when pupils from five primary schools will be competing for medals and certificates and generally having a great time. The pool will be closed to the general public between 11am and 3pm