Longest Day Swim – Friday 22 June 2018

Would you  like to join our Pool Supporters Team for a sponsored swim at our Longest Day Swim event on Friday 22 June?  Our team swim slot is from 8am to 9.30am  but if you are unable to make this time, we will try to accommodate you on request between 12.30 pm and 4pm or from 6:00pm to 7.30pm.  The aim is to swim as many laps as you can in half an hour but it is not a race and you can swim at a pace which is comfortable for you. Also, this year we have some specialist swim tuition available from 1pm to 4pm, courtesy of well known local swim coach, Jackie King, so if you fancy 30 mins of focused stroke work, just let us  know and we will pass your name to the organisers.

Many of you will have already heard about or taken part in this event which is organised by the Raj K Soni Legacy Fund  (charity number 1080418)   It was created in memory of 18-year old Raj Soni who was tragically lost after a cycling accident on 2nd August 2012.  The Legacy Fund is managed by Quartet Community Foundation and is one of just a few local charities aimed at inspiring young people through sport and music, raising money through donations and family-oriented fund-raising events.  90% of the proceeds of the Longest Swim event will go to the Legacy Fund and the remaining 10% will go to the Portishead Pool Community Trust so that all of the monies raised go back to the local community.

If you able to join us, you will be asked to make a donation of your choice, but we suggest a minimum of the normal admission fee, when you arrive for your slot or online at http://quartetcf.org.uk/donate-now/ and select the Raj K Soni Legacy Fund .  If you can get your friends and family to sponsor you, that would be great and you can email us for a sponsorship sheet.   Or please email  ppctnewsletter@gmail.com  if you want to join our team.

Everyone taking part and their supporters are warmly invited to join us poolside in the evening for a BBQ and mouth watering paella courtesy of Venga Restaurant.

Email us on ppctnewsletter@gmail.com  if you would like to join the Pool Team and please let me know which half hour slot is best for you (8am or  9am – there are still a couple of spaces on the 8.30 slot but it is getting rather full).

Update to our opening hours:  On Friday 22 June, there will be no early morning swim session because of the Longest Day Swim.  In the afternoon we will have three lanes open for public swimming from 1 – 5pm and we will then be closed to the public.  Apologies for any inconvenience.