Information about becoming a member of Portishead Pool Community Trust

Thank you for thinking about becoming a member of the Portishead Pool Community
Trust. This is your opportunity to have a real say in the future of the pool, which was
saved from the threat of closure and subsequent demolition in 2009 and now has a 99-
lease taking it safely into the future.

The Trust was set up to save and then run the pool, and as a member you will be able to
have a real say in how the pool is managed and run. You will have the right to vote at the
AGM and other general meetings, as well as the right to stand for election as a trustee.
There are currently 8 trustees, and at the time of writing, we have space for 1 more. We
are putting systems in place to update members regularly on issues relating to the pool,
and we hope to offer members’ only events during the year.

We are hoping to attract many members in order to continue the community effort that
has characterised the fight to keep the pool right from the start. Joining as a member
does not commit you to anything; you can be as active (or not) as you wish. However, we
see the membership as the driving force behind how the pool moves forward, and we also
see the membership group as the source of new trustees as current members step down.
In order to apply for membership of the PPCT, you need to complete the application form
and return it to:

Gill Gunnell, Membership Secretary
Portishead Open Air Pool
Esplanade Road
Bristol BS20 7HD

There are two categories of membership: a £10.00 annual membership, and a Founder
Membership of £250.00 which confers lifetime membership and which will help the Trust
raise some much needed cash during these early days as we try to bring the pool back
from the poor state it was left in.
Registered address: Portishead Open Air Pool, Esplanade Rd, Portishead, Bristol BS20 7HD, Tel: 01275 843454,  Company no. 6748050. Registered Charity no. 1129732.

Further information

The Trust is a company limited by guarantee (no. 06748050), which means that all profits
must be put back into the company. The directors (trustees) of the company all work for
the Trust on a voluntary basis. The Trust is a registered Charity (Number 1129732). The
Trust is bound by law relating to companies and charities.

In becoming a member of the Trust you will be bound by the PPCT’s memorandum and
articles of association. These documents are available for inspection at the Trust’s
registered office address.  Applications for membership are considered at trustees’ meeting, which are held
approximately every month. We will notify you as to whether your application for
membership has been accepted.

As a member of PPCT you will promise to contribute a sum not exceeding £10 towards the
Company’s debts and liabilities in the event that the Company is dissolved.
For queries about any of the above, or any aspect of membership, email