‘Dog Day Afternoon’ at the Pool

On Sunday 30 September we got together with Portishead RNLI for a special event allowing dogs and their human families to enjoy a heated swim together whilst learning how to keep them and their owners safe in and around water.

Two hundred dogs and their owners turned up to enjoy a splash in 29C comfort and there was much hilarity and splashing about as some nervous pooches clung to their owners or sat on their shoulders, whilst others dived in with gay abandon and had to be coaxed out at the end of their session with some special doggie ice cream.

Meanwhile local vets and the Portishead lifeboat crew were on hand to give tips on keeping themselves and their pets safe near the sea, rivers and cliffs.

Dogs and owners swim events are increasingly popular throughout the world, with public swimming pools in the US and New Zealand also getting in on the act.  It is catching on in the UK as well, and at least three other open air pools at Saltdean in Brighton, West Reservoir Centre in Hackney and Sandford Parks lido in Cheltenham are running similar events.

Did you take part?  See if you can spot your dog in the slider below. Update on 17 October – we’ve now uploaded some awesome images from our professional photographer Kay Cornwell so if you and your dog were there around 2pm, do check them out.